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About Lakeside Karate
"I have been very impressed with the program that you have created for everyone in our small community. I have never hesitated to recommend to parents, as the counsler of the school or as a father of a child in karate, the benefits of attending Lakeside Karate."  
-- Jeff Kingsbury -- Lyndonville School Counsler
"Karate has helped my confidence not only in class but in my everyday life. One of my goals in Karate is to become a member of the Leadership Team and then a Black Belt."
-- Dustin Hinkley --
" I am able to be more focused in projects I do at home or at school , because of Karate."
-- Andrew Wigley -- 

   “I thought it was great!!! The key was putting what we saw on the screen into reality. It wouldn't have been the same without the opportunity to role play! You do a great job, and I thank you for caring about the safety of our youth and young adults. Actually, you may have even saved a life! Thanks Sensei!”


--  Amy Lewis,  after participating in a womens' self-defense seminar  --



"What I like most about Lakeside Karate is we do more than just basics, we are constantly doing a variety of drills and applications."


--Kate Anderson --


"Lakeside Karate pushes you beyond your limits and you achieve things you never thought you could.  After my first class my legs were shaking and I was so tired. It was really hard and a lot of fun."


-- Nikolas Mofardin --

" our shy quiet boy is slowly emerging from his shell and is gaining self-confidence. Thank you so much for your karate program."

--Dave Voss --