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The Martial Arts Experience Book Series

Welcome to the Martial Arts Experience Home page. Here you will find the martial arts student friendly E-Books that will enhance your training and the "experience" of learning Martial Arts. 

The E-books were made in general terms so they can be used by any type or style of martial arts. The books are intended to be interactive so the student can create a very personal experience. 

This is just one more way to enhance the life changing experience of learning the martial arts.

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The Martial Arts Experience Book Series



The Martial Arts Experience, Personal Journal

This journal has a series of questions that you can finish with your own personal

experience, which documents your most memorable martial arts moments. This journal also has a section for writing out goals, a section on character traits and several pages for you to free-form journal.

Sample Page # 3

How to use this journal:

 The first section of this journal has prompts for you to finish. You must expand    and finish the thoughts to help document these memorable moments.

 For example:

 Prompt:                          Martial arts has helped me by………….

Finishing thoughts:…....”Providing structure in my life.”

 The next section is for you to document and track your martial arts goals. A goal  should be specific, measurable, with a time frame and actions that enable you to  complete it.

 For example:

 Short Term Goal:    Earn next belt rank in the next six months

 Action towards Goal:  Practice curriculum elements every other day for one hour

Percentage Complete /Date:  25%, 3/1/2016.   50% 5/1/2016

 Following that is the section on character.  In this section you can document your personal definition of each trait, what it means to you or how you learned or           improved each trait with your martial arts training.

 For example:

 Self-Discipline:  Doing what is required and necessary, and not what is easy. 

 The final section is for traditional journaling; where you date your entry and write any thoughts you have related to your Martial Arts Experience.

 For example:

 Dear Martial Arts Experience Journal, today we practiced self-defense. We learned how to escape from a single wrist grab. This was a great class with very useful information   My teacher chose me to demonstrate the escape. I was very nervous and froze for a few seconds…Note to self…must practice more to feel confident.


The Martial Arts Experience, Technical Training Journal

The technical journal is a must for any serious martial artist. In this journal you will find sectioned off categories of techniques that have space for your notes,drawings or pictures. This is a great way to transform your martial arts class lessons into an organized format for future reference. You build a customized training aid, in your own words, in a way that makes sense to you.


The Martial Arts Experience; How to Choose a Martial Arts School Guidebook


This book makes you aware of the many elements to consider when choosing a

martial arts school to enroll in. There is a decision chart that you can use to help guide you to a well thought out decision.


The Martial Arts Experience, Sensei Stories

This book is a collection of stories that any martial artist can identify with. You

will laugh, cry, learn lessons in character and feel inspired.


The Martial Arts Experience, Personal Record Book


The personal record book is a place to record the dates you earned personal                      achievements such as belt grading ranks, tournament competitions and special

awards or events.            



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