Lakeside Karate would like to express our sincere appreciation for everyone who helped out with this event.  All of the friends and relatives of the Mank family who came to meetings, obtained donations, donated supplies, worked the event and supported the whole race from start to finish. 

One of Lakeside Karate's founding principles is to be a part of our community not only through the instruction of Martial Arts virtues but, through giving to local worthy causes.  Penelope's Gift 5K is a part of the larger charity called Penelope's Gift created by the Mank family.

Penelope was stillborn at Medina Memorial Hospital. Stacey and Andy Mank had the courage to turn a personal tragedy in to an inspirational example of givng. The family has been holding several fund-rasiers and has requested donations from local business for the past year . Their efforts have been rewarded as Medina Memorial Hospital now has a second Ultrasound machine that will stay at the hospital at all times . 

Lakeside Karate sincerely thanks the Mank family for letting us host the 5K Walk / Run and in doing so has allowed us to be a part of something bigger than all of us.